TSL-Trend Board.png

Merchandising Portfolio Project

Task: Create an apparel brand and conduct a business analysis, target market and SWOT analysis for the business. Identify a fashion trend for F/W 18 and create a trend board, color and textile board and a marketing strategy for the brand. 

Skills: Photoshop, target market analysis, trend boards, branding


Community Partner Project


Task: You are working on a promotional consultant team. Your team has been invited to create a proposal to solve the promotional problem that the prospective client is facing. Create a solution proposal, poster presentation and client handout.

Skills: Social media marketing, target market analysis, problem-solving

Our Community Partner was in need of help after we presented our promotional plan, so I've decided to volunteer my time to help get them on the right track. I've created a logo, Facebook cover image and am in the process of working on a website.


AE Print Ad 1.jpg

Presentation and Promotion Research Project

Task: Create marketing materials for a brand that you feel should be used to target GSU students, based on your research. The marketing material kit should include two full-page print ads, one Instagram post, one Twitter post and one Facebook post. 

Skills: Photoshop, target market knowledge, marketing


Store Image Project

Task: Work with local retail store Maddie Bea to create a music festival-themed window display, develop a new and improved floor layout and create a two-dimensional store layout.

Skills: visual merchandising, developing floor layouts, styling, knowledge of target market