Summer Cookout OOTD

Summers in Florida are BRUTAL. The humidity is off the charts and lately, temps have been in the high 90s. Like I said, brutal. My hair frizzes up and I sweat like a man. The only times you'll see me outside are if I'm walking my dog or laying out at the beach. Other than that, I'm curled up inside somewhere with good A/C. 

Yesterday was a blessing though. It was still hot as I don't know what, but there was a perfect little breeze that helped with the heat. We called up a few friends, bought some hamburgers and hot dogs and decided to have an impromptu cookout. We threw in some cornhole, a little country music and some wine coolers {for the ladies, of course} for some extra fun. 

I made B take my pictures before everyone arrived because one, I'm not at the point where I like an audience when I'm having my picture taken, and two, I already started drinking and any pictures during the rest of the night would not have been as cute. 

My outfit: I found this tank a couple days ago hidden in a box with a bunch of my old sorority stuff. It's literally the perfect summer shirt. I paired it with my fave high-waisted shorts, a charm bracelet, colorful sunnies and some sandals. Oh, and my S.L.U.T.S bottle koozie! On a hot day, it's best to keep your outfit super simple- the less things to make you sweat, the better.

{Tank:  Similar  // Shorts: DIY // Sandals:  Old Navy  // Bracelet: Gift // Sunnies:  Similar }

{Tank: Similar // Shorts: DIY // Sandals: Old Navy // Bracelet: Gift // Sunnies: Similar}