Rocker Chic

I literally can't take a serious picture. I tried like 10 different times today and it just wasn't working for me, like at all. I don't know how other bloggers can keep a straight face, but still look amazing. I literally look like I'm about to punch a wall whenever I don't smile in pictures. And yes, Tyra, I know I have to "smize" but I don't know what the hell I'm doing. So any tips would be greatly appreciated. Until I can master the "not mean-mugging the camera" look, you're just going to have to deal with my cheesy grin in every picture. 

My outfit:

I could literally live in this dress. I mean, I basically already do. {Yes, I'm an outfit repeater. Sue me.} It's so incredibly comfy and even though it's flowy, it still gives me a shape. And that's something I'm desperately in need of. I usually wear it with my cheetah print booties or some gladiator sandals, but I decided to mix it up a bit today. 

I bought this fringe vest/kimono thing to wear to a Kid Rock concert. I knew when I bought it that I would never wear it again, but you gotta do what you gotta do to look cute at a concert, ya know? 

I don't know why I thought to pair these two, but I absolutely LOVED the outcome! These booties are from Forever21, but they're surprisingly comfortable. {Well, I think four hours is the max you can wear them. But that's better than the usual pair of shoes from Forever.} I like that the boots contrast the outfit just enough, but stay along the same color scheme.

I needed a little color to add to the outfit, so I went with my go-to long necklace. The blue pops against the stripes, but still keeps it looking cool. I went with some silver dreamcatcher earrings because I thought it went with the whole rocker/hippie vibe I was going for. I think it turned out pretty well. I added my usual Alex + Ani bracelets and the only watch I own that doesn't have a dead battery. 

Oh! Here's a fun tip for ya: Never go to Wal-Mart {specifically the one on Beach & Southside, for those of you lucky ducks that live in Jax} around 3 p.m. in any outfit similar to this. Or any outfit that looks put together whatsoever. You will get stares and old men will stop and try to talk at you. {Yes, talk at you because the way they're talking is not intended to start a conversation.} And it's just uncomfortable and kind of really creepy. 

Oh wait, and aren't these sunglasses to die for?! MONOGRAM ERRYTHANG!

K. I'm done.

{Vest:  Belk  // Dress:  similar  // Necklace:  similar  // Sunnies:  Flaunt Boutique  // Earrings: Old // Bracelets:  here ,  here ,  here ,  similar ,  here   // Boots:  similar }

{Vest: Belk // Dress: similar // Necklace: similar // Sunnies: Flaunt Boutique // Earrings: Old // Bracelets: herehereheresimilarhere  // Boots: similar}