Pineapple is My Safe Word

Have you seen Trainwreck yet? {If you have, you should understand the title of this post.} If not, you need to go see it. Like right now. I laughed my ass off- it was so funny. Amy Schumer is so hilarious and the fact that she wrote this whole movie makes her even more amazing. 

My Outfit:

I was looking through my closet trying to find something to wear and this shirt immediately caught my eye. I'd just seen Trainwreck the night before, so it was literally perfect. 

I've had this shirt for a while, but i don't really wear it too often. It wrinkles really easily {as you'll see in the photos below} and it's pretty see-through. But it's really comfy and lightweight so wearing it during Florida summers isn't too brutal. 

I decided to pair it with some black jeans and pointed black pumps. It's business casual every day at work, so I had to dress it up a bit.

I added this black and white necklace to the mix to give the outfit a little more depth. I bought it from Sassy Steals years ago, but haven't really worn it much since then. I think it worked well with the shirt, especially since I was wearing the black jeans and pumps. 

Dressing up simple outfits with statement jewelry is always a fun thing to do. You can instantly transform a plain outfit into an outfit that pops. A little jewelry goes a long way.

{Top: Target - Old // Jeans:  Wet Seal  // Pumps:  Target  // Necklace:  Similar ,  Similar  // Earrings:  Similar ,  Similar  // Bracelet: Forever21}

{Top: Target - Old // Jeans: Wet Seal // Pumps: Target // Necklace: Similar, Similar // Earrings: Similar, Similar // Bracelet: Forever21}