Jack Daniel's Tee

For Halloween this year, B and I planned on going as a glass of wine and a shot of whiskey. Unfortunately we didn't get the chance to wear our costumes, but I worked so hard on this shirt I have to brag on myself for a little bit.

I was going to just buy a Jack Daniel's shirt for B, but realized just how expensive they were. So I Google searched "diy Jack Daniel's shirt" and found this awesome website {cutoutandkeep.net} with a Jack Daniel's printable stencil {linked here}.

I printed the stencil on thick cardstock and went to town with my xacto-knife. It was a little difficult seeing at it was my first time using one, but I managed to get the hang of it by the time I finished. 

I used the stencil from the word "whiskey" up and free-handed the rest. I used a paint pen to color everything in, which ended up being a lot more efficient than the paintbrush I initially planned on using.  

The squiggles were probably the toughest part to free-hand. I wanted it to look exactly like the actual logo. It's not perfect, but I'd say it comes pretty darn close to looking like the real deal. 

This was such a fun project to do! A tip for those of you who want to try this: to make sure the design stays on, put a piece of cloth over the shirt after it dries and run an iron over it a couple of times,

What DIY projects have you done lately? Have you ever made a really cool t-shirt! Show me what you've done!