Acne Free with YoDerm

In exchange for my honest opinion and review of YoDerm, I was given a complimentary consultation with a dermatologist.

Acne has never really been a big issue for me, but lately I've noticed more frequent breakouts. The breakouts are from stress, I'm sure, but I don't see that going away any time soon. I've tried just about everything to get a clear face, but nothing seems to work.

I learned about YoDerm at just the right time!

YoDerm is essentially a virtual dermatology service. Everything is done online, which means there is no in-office visit. No waiting forever to see the doctor. No trying to schedule an appointment. Everything is done on your time! And the best part? Each consultation is only $59!

All of the doctors at YoDerm are board-certified. Whichever doctor you are assigned is licensed in your state, so no need to fret about legitimacy!


The patient (that's you!) answers some basic health questions- medications you're taking, the condition of your skin, etc.

The patient submits a few pics of their skin with their smartphone or webcam.

The patient then consents to treatment, chooses their preferred pharmacy and pays for the consultation.

The doctor uses the photos and health information provided to create a personalized acne treatment plan.

Once the consultation is complete, the patient will be taken to the 'Patient Dashboard' with all of the information regarding any prescribed medications and a note from the doctor regarding the patient's treatment plan. (The treatment plan should be ready within 24 hours)


After submitting all of my information and providing photos of my problem areas, my treatment plan was ready within a couple of hours and I was able to get my prescription the same day! My doctor prescribed two medications (a topical gel and a small pill) and requested that I follow up in two months. YoDerm's prescriptions are just like a prescription from any doctor and are covered by your health insurance (if you have insurance for medications). I only paid $3 for both of my prescriptions! 

YoDerm is a great resource for college students who don't necessarily have the time or budget for an in-office dermatology visit.

As an added bonus, any reader that uses my referral link will get $10 off of their first consultation!

For more information on YoDerm, head over to their website and click on 'FAQS' at the top of the page.

My treatment plan is for two months, so in September I will do a follow-up post with before and after photos to let y'all know how everything worked!

Do you suffer from acne? Have you tried seeing a dermatologist before? YoDerm might be a great solution for you!

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