ICYMI: We're Expecting!


If you don't follow me on my social media sites, you might have missed the fact that I'm pregnant. SURPRISE!

Kids have always been something I've looked forward to, but I'd planned on, ya know, being married first. But here I am- knocked up with a ringless ring finger. No worries though because I have a feeling baby daddy a.k.a the love of my life is going to pop the question soon. (Hi, Chad!)  Let's get one thing straight before we continue. This isn't one of those "oh shit, she's pregnant, let's get married" type of deals. C and I have been talking about marriage for quite a while now, but the universe decided to throw a little curve ball our way. So now we'll just have a little munchkin running around at our wedding. It'll definitely make for some  p r e t t y  cute pics.

Finding out I was pregnant was the complete opposite of how I'd imagined it. I'd been sick for a couple weeks and my boobs were ridiculously sore. About a week after I was supposed to get my period, C convinced me to take a test just to be sure. I downed as much Gatorade as I could stomach and waited patiently for the results.

There's really no way to describe how I felt when I saw "pregnant" appear on the test. I honestly thought I read it wrong. I squealed, shoved it back in the wrapper and just sat there. Thinking to myself "there's no way in hell," I pulled it back out and there it was. PREGNANT. Shaking, halfway crying, halfway hysterically laughing, I walked into the kitchen where C was whipping up some lacy cornbread (my fave!) and practically shoved the thing in his face. Between the tears, kisses and "oh my god's," we came to terms with the fact that I was, in fact, knocked up. 

My youngest sister was in town visiting at the time, so she was the first to know. I shoved the pee stick in her face, too, and she fell to the floor crying. Y'all might not understand, but this is a pretty big deal. The little peanut will be the first grandbaby in my family and the first niece/nephew to my sisters. (Not to mention, they've all been begging me to have kids since I was like 20.) My mom cried. My two other sisters cried. My dad cried. We told my whole family the day I found out. I think they were more excited than we were, to be honest. At that point, I hadn't even wrapped my head around it yet. Both of our families and all of our friends have been so incredibly sweet and are so excited for us. We couldn't have asked for a better support system. 

I was almost seven weeks when I found out. I'm thirteen weeks now and I still have to pinch myself to make sure this is really happening. It's such a surreal feeling when something you've wanted for such a long time finally comes to fruition.

February can't come soon enough!