Vegas, baby!

60. 40. 21. Three generations of women in our family, spending the weekend in Las Vegas to celebrate how old we're getting. Hehe. 

We landed in Vegas a little over 24 hours ago. Mom has a hangover, grandma is talking football and I'm trying to figure out what drinks will get me drunk quickest. 

Our trip started at about 6:15 a.m. yesterday because I had to curl my hair and look presentable for the plane ride. It definitely paid off. The flight attendant announced that it was "Cute Outfit Day" over the loudspeaker when I walked on the plane. So basically I was a celebrity all day.

When we arrived, we were picked up by Carlos, our very funny limo driver, and given a bottle of champagne to down before we got to the hotel. On the way, we made a much needed pitstop to Jack in the Box because TACOS. OMG. If you've never had Jack in the Box tacos, you're missing out.

Now I can officially say I've been taken to a fast food restaurant in a limo. Classy.

I've lost about $60 so far and learned to always bring a pair of sandals with you as back up.

We spent a good portion of our time last night aweing at the two-story Ross and had a lobsicle- lobster on a stick.  

I've seen more boobs and ass than I expected and realized I need to step up my fashion game. Well, actually, I wouldn't call a majority of the people here fashionable. I think "flashy" is the right word. Which, I guess, is the same thing as fashionable in Vegas.

So here is my attempt at being a classy girl in Vegas, trying not to get offended by what I'm seeing, and most likely drinking too much to remember tomorrow.