Drink a Little Drink

DIY Valentine's Day Drinks for You + Your Honey

Whether you're hosting a Galentine's get-together or having a cozy night with your boo thang, mixing up a tasty drink could add a refreshing twist to your holiday.

My freshman year roommate + bff Shelby came into town this weekend to {kinda} watch the Superbowl with me and we decided to break out our inner bartender this afternoon. We picked three Pinterest-worthy drinks and tried our best to recreate them. Here are the results:

Kiss on the Lips

This was Shelby's pick and it was DELICIOUS! The recipe calls for mango and I'm usually not a mango person, but this was definitely an exception! I've linked the recipe here


This one was my pick. It wasn't too bad, but definitely not my favorite. It also looks nothing like the original pic. I tried to be crafty and use pink sugar on the rim, but you can see how well that turned out. I love me some pink, but I'm not a fan of pink-stained fingers, tongue and teeth! I've linked this recipe here

Sangria Swirled Frozen Margarita

Again, my pick. OMG. I hate- literally HATE Tequila and that's all this drink tasted like. The recipe calls for frozen limeade, which I had, but it expired last year... Oops. I thought mixing ice and lime juice would suffice, but boy was I wrong. The drink we made looked nothing like the picture and it tasted like straight up Tequila. All but two sips of it went straight down the drain. I've linked the recipe here, hopefully yours turns out better than ours did!


Because a majority of our drinks were a bust, I've decided to link a few more for you to try on your own! Click on the picture for the original post + recipe. 

P.S. The last two drink are non-alcoholic.

What's your favorite girly pink drink? Are you planning on making it this Valentine's Day?