Travel Guide: What to Wear in Morocco

We got the chance to travel to Morocco on Saturday and it was such a cool experience! I'll have a post up soon that talks about all the places we got to explore, but today's post is about what to wear. 

Morocco is a country in North Africa and only a 30-minute ferry ride from Spain. It is a Muslim country, so modesty is a very big deal. Before I left the states, I made sure to find an outfit that would keep me cool (temps are crazy this time of year) and not draw too much attention my way. I've read multiple articles and blog posts discussing what to wear when traveling to Morocco, and they all said the same thing- modesty is the best policy.

I found these breezy linen pants at TJ Maxx and paired it with a simple white tee from H&M and called it a day. I added these fun gold earrings from H&M as well. I felt my outfit was modest, but still stylish. It was a great mix of the two. 

Morocco is a beautiful country and I would highly recommend taking a trip there! It's filled with palaces, beaches, markets, you name it. I also met some of the most kind people there. I will definitely be making a trip back!