Travel Guide: Wandering Around Sevilla

On my last little adventure in Spain, my sister and I took a trip to Sevilla. It only took an hour to get there by train and the scenery along the way was so beautiful.

Sevilla is the capital and largest city in the Andalucía region of Spain. The streets are lined with cafes, shops and horse-drawn carriages. We didn't have enough time to explore everything, but it was pretty neat to wander around the town and take in all the sights. The Sevilla Cathedral was definitely my favorite (pictured below). I'm not big into architecture, but this Cathedral was the most magnificent building I've ever seen!

I knew the weather would be scorching, so I wanted to wear something that would keep me cool. I got this dress from TJ Maxx (similar linked below) right before my trip and I knew it was perfect for Spain as soon as I saw it. The embroidery and the colors are exactly what I think of when I think of Spanish style. 

An off-the-shoulder sun dress is the perfect outfit for spending the afternoon in a city like Sevilla- it's comfy and breathable and helps keep you cool during the summer months. 

Have you traveled anywhere this summer? I'd love to hear about it!