Summer Ready

Summer time is right around the corner and I am beyond ready. My summer plans have changed quite a bit (more on that later), but I'm definitely looking forward to it! 

I've kind of done a 180 when it comes to how I feel about summer. I used to despise the warmer months because I was always too self-conscious to wear revealing (& cool) clothes. I don't know what's changed exactly, but I am all about summer clothes and trends this season.

I actually got this tank last year for my one-year blogiversary photoshoot and have literally never worn it since. For some reason I was really uncomfortable in it and ended up pushing it to the back of my closet. I broke it out this weekend and I'm so glad I did because it matched these adorable sandals perfectly!

I was at TJ Maxx the other day looking for a bday present for my little sis and I wandered over to the shoe department just to see if they had any simple brown sandals (Bailey ate mine). I didn't expect to find the cutest sandals on the planet. Mind you, I've been on the hunt for affordable pom pom sandals for about a year now and was so ecstatic when I stumbled across these. They also just so happened to be my size- it must have been fate.

I also have to brag on H&M for a bit. I've always had an issue when it came to finding jeans that fit me. They're always always always too short. On my latest trip to Chicago I went into H&M expecting to buy something for my tiny sisters, but to my surprise I found jeans that actually fit me. Like what?! I literally wanted to buy every pair they had. Once I realized H&M's jeans were heavenly, I went ahead and ordered this white pair just in time for summer. 
10/10 would definitely recommend!

What are your summer plans? Have you broken out your summer wardrobe yet?