Spring Wreath DIY

Spring is in full swing, y'all! We had our very own firefly show in our backyard the other night and it was seriously so beautiful. 

I've been trying to find ways to incorporate the season into our home decor lately and I thought a wreath was the perfect touch!

Lucky for me, Hobby Lobby was having a major sale and their flower stems were 50% off (Hallelujah!) so naturally I had to go see what they had. I wasn't disappointed! There were rows and rows of flowers, it was so hard to choose which ones to pick!

Tips for making your own wreath:

Once you have your colors in mind, gather up a variety of flower stems at the store and bunch them together to see if they compliment each other. It's best to choose flowers and colors that go well together.

Choose the right size grapevine wreath for your door. You don't want it to be too small or too big. Also, keep in mind the type of decor you're going to put on your wreath. If the decor will span out past the grapevine wreath, take that into consideration when choosing the wreath you get.

Let your creative juices flow! Creating wreaths is great because you can literally change your mind a million times before anything is permanent. Arrange and rearrange the decor for your wreath. See what looks best. Look up ideas for inspiration.

Secure the decor on your wreath by using a hot glue gun or tacky glue.

I wanted more of a wispy look for my wreath, so I decided on smaller flowers. I used pliers to cut each individual stem. This made it easier to mix and match where the flowers were placed. As for colors, I went with three shades of purple, two shades of yellow, two small bundles of white and one large bundle of various shades of pink. I absolutely love these colors together and I am so happy with the way it turned out!

How have you spruced up your home for spring?

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