Fall Lookbook: Sleeveless Duster

I can't believe October is over- it literally flew by! 

The weather here has been going back and forth lately and I'm just really not a fan. Some days it's chilly and other days it feels like the middle of August. I'm hoping some cold weather will roll in soon so I can actually start wearing all of these adorable fall outfits I've put together!

I loved this duster as soon as I saw it! I found a similar outfit on pinterest and immediately began the hunt for one! 

Something like this can be worn so many different ways. It can be worn with just a long sleeve shirt underneath on warmer days or it can be worn with layers on colder ones. Plus, the color basically goes with everything!

This specific color is sold out, but the stone colored one is in stock and currently on sale for $28! It only comes in one size, but it fits perfectly. 

How are y'all dressing for fall? Has the weather cooled off yet in your city??