Sippin' on Sweet Tea

I think that women in the blogging world feel the need to portray their lives in a way that will make others want it. I'm so guilty of this. 

I feel like I needed a little bit of a reality check- so here are some things you should know:

  • I've worn this jacket almost every day this week
  • These flowers are very old and very fake
  • I should have been writing a paper + working on a project instead of blogging, but my brain was just not feelin' it
  • I made sweet tea just so I could use the mason jar cup in the photos
  • When I take the photos myself, I take an average of around 200 photos per blog post- I set the 10-second timer and take 10 photos at a time to get the right shot

Blogging is such a great way to express yourself, but it's so important not to get caught up in all the hype. Stay true to who you are and your readers will love you even more for it!


As far as my outfit goes, I'm such a sucker for casual outfits. Utility jackets and Converse are my go-to pieces for creating a casual look. I love the sportiness that the combo adds to an outfit. Combine sporty with girly accessories and I'm swooning. Such a favorite of mine! 

What's your favorite style combo? Do you like the sporty/girly look or do you go for a different combination? 

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