Outfit Recap // August 20-27

Sunday Brunch

This was only my second time having a legitimate brunch. And I should probably mention the fact that I got entirely too drunk. Endless mimosas are my new bff.

I've been looking for a hat like this forever! All the ones I've seemed to come across were either too big, too small and not floppy enough, or the wrong color. 

I found this one at Old Navy for $19.95. But it's on sale right now for $15!

It's the perfect transitional item for summer to fall. You'll definitely be seeing a lot of this one!

PS. My top is also from Old Navy, as well, and on sale for $9.50 right now!

Back to School

Monday was the first day of classes and if you know me well enough, you know that school is just not my thing.

I decided to give it a shot and only take one class this semester. I signed up for Social Psychology and lucky for me, it seems easy enough and pretty interesting, too!

It's still blazing hot down here in Florida, but I tend to get cold easily so I decided to pair this super cute cheetah print tank with some skinnies I managed to find on the Target clearance rack. 

The outfit is pretty plain, but I think the cheetah print definitely helps liven it up a bit!

Dreamin' of the 70's

I am so diggin' this dress. And I know you can't see them in the picture, but my new fringe booties are literally to die for. I'll post them on here eventually.

This dress is so comfortable and breezy- perfect for this hot weather. 

I found it at the Navy Exchange on base, so I'm not really sure where to tell you to get it, but the brand is Rip Curl if that helps!

I love all the colors that are incorporated and the fact that it makes me feel like I traveled back in time. 

Plus, adding a jean jacket adds some structure to the outfit!

Hippie Wednesday

I think this might be my favorite outfit from the week.

This sweater was on my fall wishlist and it's literally amazing. It's the perfect color, it's not too heavy and has POCKETS. Sweet Jesus, Hallelujah. I love me some pockets.

I got it from JCPenney on sale for $17.99! It's still on sale, so grab it if ya want it! 

I'm a sucker for over-wearing new items in my closet so I wore the same top I wore for brunch on Sunday.

You can kind of see my fringe booties in this photo, but they basically made my outfit, fyi.

Casual Thursday

I just got my hands on this cute-as-a-button hot pink blazer and saying I'm obsessed is an understatement. 

Lucky for me, I work two jobs- which means I get a casual Thursday! 

I used the blazer to pump up a rather blah outfit. I mean, I'm all about a simple outfit, but this brings it up a notch. 

I paired it with my fave distressed skinnies and some pointed black flats. 

Super comfy and super cute for a laid-back work look.

Oh and the blazer is 40% off right now!

I hope you enjoyed my outfit recap! Look for another one next week!