Outfit Recap // August 27 - September 3

Sunday Shopping

Everyone knows that rainy Sundays are for shopping.

I somehow managed to get B to go to the mall with me. I think we spent nearly four hours there and he didn't complain once. Such a trooper!

As you know, I have this running list of clothes I need/want for Fall. Why is it that when you're shopping for specific things, you can never find them? It's seriously so frustrating. Okay, sob story over.

I found these jeans at Ross and they're my new fave. I've never been able to buy jeans from anywhere other than American Eagle. Ross is steppin' up their game!

Forest Green is the New Black

I think I've found my new favorite color; forest green.

Everyone has a certain color that compliments them well and I think I've finally found mine- well, a set of colors. 

I think the color works well on me because I have brown eyes and a somewhat olive skin tone. So you'll be seeing a lot of it!

This blazer/jacket {not really sure what to call it} is at Charlotte Russe and it's literally so perfect. It's 3/4 sleeves and very light and breezy- perfect for Florida weather. My top is from Flaunt Boutique and my jeans are from Wet Seal

Hot Pink, Hot Mama

First of all, sorry for the terrible picture quality and the random cord running up the wall. That's what happens when you forget to put your memory card back into your camera before you leave.

I just found out about Lyon + Post last week. One point for fast shipping. +100 points for this bomb ass dress.

For those of you who don't know, Lyon + Post is an online service that sends you four items of clothing to try on for FREE. And there is no obligation to buy the items you receive. Check out their site for more info! 

I was a little skeptical at first because I usually need to try things on before buying them. Sizing has always been an issue for me. Lyon + Post's sizing guide was so helpful and even though I was hesitant to order it, this dress fit like a glove! 

The material is so structured and it's lined, too! Oh and I'm basically drooling over the color. 

My necklace and bangle are from Charlotte Russe and my shoes are from Marshalls

Comfy Comes First

I'm going to start off by saying sorry for such an awkward picture. My hair was sticking to my face. My nose was stuffy. My eyes kept watering. And the wind kept blowing my shirt everywhere. Also I was starving and we were about to go to dinner. So this is the best I could do because I was literally so over everything going on in that moment.

Anyway, I found this shirt tucked in a corner at Forever21! I'm usually not one for high-neck tees, but this one was different. And probably the most comfortable shirt I've ever worn. It was perfect for a busy day around the newsroom. 

I paired it with my new fave skinnies {mentioned above} and some super cute cheetah print booties from Target. 


I hope you enjoyed my outfit recap! Look for another one next week!