Poolside in Puerto: My Embarrassing Delivery Experience


So far, my time in Spain has been amazing! I've gotten to see so many sites, experience so many different things, practice my Spanish and most importantly, relax!

Being in a foreign country can be stressful though! With that being said, it's story time y'all. Try not to laugh too hard at my pain and suffering.


On Monday, my sister and I ordered some food for delivery and we only had 20 Euros on us. We had just enough for both of our lunches (we ordered from two separate places), but when my food got delivered I totally screwed it up.

The bill was 11 Euros. I gave him a 20 and he handed me a back a five. He went to reach for coins in his pocket and not thinking, I told him to keep the change. In America, you don't think twice about letting people keep the change when it's only a few coins. In Europe, there are one and two Euro coins. So me being the silly American that I am, I told him just to keep it, thinking it was only a few cents. 

As I'm walking back to the front door, I realize what I'd done. I tipped him nearly five Euros. It's no wonder he was grinning from ear-to-ear. (The Spanish aren't accustomed to tipping) So now we were stuck with another delivery on the way and only five Euros to pay for it. We both had our cards on us, but I wasn't sure if he was going to bring a card reader and he was bound to be there any second.

My first thought? Run all over the house like a crazy person, scrounging for loose change. My sister thought it was hilarious and, of course, Snapchatted the whole ordeal. I managed to find the exact amount of change we needed, only to find out they weren't going to deliver the food anyway because we were 10 cents short of meeting their minimum delivery requirement.

Talk about a sigh of relief.

So, babes, moral of the story? Always count your change immediately when it's handed to you- especially if you're in a foreign country and are unfamiliar with the currency.

Part of me keeps telling myself it was an honest mistake; another part keeps reminding me of my hair color. Lucky for me, it was only a few Euros. But it's so so important to pay attention in situations like this! You don't want to accidentally give your money away!

Do you have any embarrassing travel stories? I'd love to know I'm not alone!