Natural Oils + Why They're Great for Your Hair

Beauty experts are raving about how using natural oils benefit your hair. Most of us have experienced the effects of flat-ironing, curling, and dyeing our hair- and they're not pretty. 

I started dyeing my hair when I was 15, so for the last six years I've gone through product after product trying to find the best remedy for my damaged locks. I started using argan oil about a year ago and I can definitely tell the difference it's made. My hair used to fall out, not exaggerating here, in chunks when I brushed it. How I'm not bald, I don't know. However, my long, luscious tresses turned into a frizzy-fried bob before I realized I needed a change.

It's been a devastating learning process, but I've finally found the secret to keeping my hair healthy and moisturized- oils! 

There are hundreds of natural oils out there that can be used to nourish hair, but I've chosen five that I think are on the top of the list! I've linked the products I use + ones I've heard great reviews about so you don't have to search for them yourself!

* Each oil can be used in different ways so make sure you read the instructions before applying any of them to your hair. 

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