#5DayLipstickChallange: Day 5

So day 5 of the #5DayLipstickChallenge was actually three days ago {Friday} but this little thing called the weekend got in the way of posting about it.

I didn't even wash my hair on Friday, let alone manage to put any makeup on. #EarlyClassProblems Right after class I headed down to Jacksonville to hang out with some friends for the night + a blog post was the last thing on my mind.  

Fast forward to today:

I decided to actually get dressed this morning even though I absolutely did not want to get out of bed. 

I went with the Pacifica Power of Love Natural Lipstick that I got in my December Ipsy bag for today's look. I wanted something neutral, but with a hint of color to it and I thought this lipstick fit that perfectly!

I hope y'all enjoyed the #5DayLipstickChallenge! I know I did!