Life Chats: Saying Goodbye

Let's get personal for a bit.

B and I went down to Jacksonville over the weekend to clean and get the rest of our things from the old house. I knew I'd be emotional, but I didn't think it'd hit me as hard as it did. 

As I walked around the house one last time to make sure we checked everything off the list, I couldn't help but think back to all the memories we made in the short 11 months we lived there.

I've cried in that house countless times and laughed countless more. B and I fought and loved and learned together in that little house on R. S. Bailey Drive and I will forever be thankful for the time we got to spend there. 

From learning line dances in the living room to watching Daisy sniff around her new home, every room was filled with little reminders of how we got to where we are today.

Our little blue house never actually felt like a home until we moved away. Our new house felt strange and unwelcoming, to me at least, and all I wanted was to be back in that little blue house on the lake. But I'm starting to realize that home isn't a place- it's a feeling. I heard that when I was watching the movie Sisters Friday night and it really resonated with me. Wherever you are, surround yourself with people you love and that will feel like home. 


Saying goodbye is easy. It's a short, two-syllable word that rolls off your tongue. We say it every day to the people we love, the people we don't and strangers we just met. Goodbye doesn't always mean for good, but sometimes it means forever. Saying goodbye is easy. Physically walking away from the things and places you love is the hard part. Turning around and seeing those things behind you is the hard part. Knowing that life will never be the same is the hard part. But there's so much beauty in doing hard things. There's so much beauty in not knowing what lies ahead.