Campus Style: Lace Up Tee

Fall semester starts next week and I have to say, I'm pretty freakin' excited.

As most of you know, I transferred to Georgia Southern last semester. I think one of my favorite things about transferring to a big school is the fact that I actually have a football team to root for now! My last college didn't have a football team so I seriously can't wait for GSU's season to start!

I found this tee just in time for fall semester and I am seriously OBSESSED! It's perfect for going to class and showing off a little school spirit and is even more perfect for football games and tailgating.


Jacqueline is a sweet, sweet girl that started making these lace-up tees in July and has been on a roll ever since. The inspiration came when she found some of her old band tees and wanted a way to revamp them. After reaching out to a few girls in Statesboro, she saw how popular her idea was and decided to make more!

Fashion is definitely a hobby of Jacqueline's, but her dream job is to become a Child Life Specialist and help parents and children cope with the stress of being in a hospital. How amazing is that?! 

Jacqueline says her favorite part about the entire process is sending the buyer a picture of the final product. She says the reaction is always positive and seeing their excitement makes the whole process worthwhile.


I think an important aspect of buying clothes is learning the story behind a company. From the few times I've spoken with Jacqueline, I can just tell that her heart is so full and that she is such a genuine person- which makes me want to be a lifetime customer. 

As far as the quality of the shirt goes, it's flawless. The lace-up portion of the tee is sewn in, so there's no chance of it coming off. The cut of the tee is great, too!

If you haven't gotten one already, you're missing out for real! Jacqueline sells each tee for $30-40. The price includes shipping for those in Georgia and shipping is anywhere from $5-10 for those outside of Georgia. 

Her website is in the works, but for the time-being you can join her Facebook group to place orders and see all of her other designs!

You can email Jacqueline at and follow her on Instagram @lace_up_tees!