Keeping Warm

**** IT'S SNOWING! ****

When my little sis and I went out to take outfit pics this morning, we were freezing our asses off but pleasantly surprised by the little snow flurries flying all around us. 

We took maybe five pictures before we had to run inside and grab gloves and hats. 

I didn't pack any super warm clothes because I didn't think it'd be this cold, but luckily I brought my oversized blanket scarf to keep me toasty. 

I packed really light for this trip so I only brought three scarves and this blanket scarf is the warmest of the three. Which means you'll be seeing a lot of it for the next six days.

I'm not one for wearing big winter coats unless they're super stylish and match whatever outfit I have underneath. Because of that I decided to wear this adorable fluffy faux fur vest- which actually kept me pretty warm. I love that these vests are so popular this season and you can get them pretty much anywhere. I found mine at Ross for like $12.99! Like seriously, such a steal. 

What's your favorite accessory to keep you cozy during winter?

Outfit Details:
Scarf: Similar // Top: Similar // Vest: Similar // Gloves: Target // Headband: Similar

Photos by: Jaiden Dillon