It's in the Jeans

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A great pair of jeans can last forever, but so can shopping for them.

It’s important to take your time when shopping for jeans. If you make a hasty purchase, you might end up with a pair that doesn’t fit as well as they did in the fitting room.

Below I’ve put together a jean guide with details about how certain jeans fit and what outfits they work best with.

Flared Jeans
Flared jeans are narrow at the knee with a flared leg opening. While wearing flared jeans can be extremely stylish, they can easily look frumpy if the hem is wrong. The hem should almost, but not quite skim the floor. A flared jean with a pointed heel or flat is a classic, but throwing it back to the 1970s and pairing them with a boot or a chunky sandal works, too.

Boyfriend Jeans
Boyfriend jeans are all the rage in the style world right now, and I can’t say I’m disappointed. I’ve yet to find a pair I actually like on me, but I’m determined to snag some of my own. Boyfriend jeans are great for mixing up styles. A classic button down with boyfriend jeans and a simple sandal or heel make for a cool, casual look. Throw on a nice top with a blazer and your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans for a business casual look that’s effortless but gives off the vibe that you’ve got your stuff together.

Jeggings are leggings styled to look like jeans. They give stretch in all the right places, but don’t come with the discomfort some jeans do. The point of jeggings is to actually look like jeans. Avoid buying ones that don’t have pockets. If the jeggings lack structure, it’s best to wear them with longer shirts–more like a legging than a jean.

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