Are Hunter Boots Worth The Investment?

Hunter Rain Boots are definitely an investment piece, but, in my opinion, should be in every girl's closet. I've had my Hunter Boots for a little over a year now and I can say with confidence that they are worth the money.

Hunter Boots range from around $100 all the way up to nearly $500 (now that's just crazy to me) on the official Hunter website, but can be found on resale sites + apps like eBay and Poshmark.

I have this pair. I bought mine like-new on Poshmark for $110. 

I've worn them in mud, snow, rain- just about everything! They've kept my toes nice and toasty in the winter and have kept the rainwater out when I decided to go splashing in puddles after a hurricane. They've also kept their glossy look over time- which is a big deal for me. I like to invest in the things that I wear. I don't like things to fall apart after only being worn a few times.

My Hunter Boots have been such a great addition to my closet! I know some of y'all may be on the fence about putting so much money into a pair of rain boots, but I think they are so worth it. 

Another great thing about Hunter Boots is they can be worn with a variety of different outfits. They can be worn with a chic, all black outfit or a cute spring dress- the options are endless!

How do you feel about Hunter Boots? Do you think they're worth the investment?