Holiday Style Guide

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Let’s face it--the holidays can be stressful.

I’ve put together a style guide to help alleviate some of those holiday stressors. Now there’s no need to fret about a costume for that themed party your friends are throwing or what to wear to Nana’s house.

The Travel Bug

An airport is the best place to show off just how chic you can be. You don’t know anyone and you’ll most likely never see those people again, so why not experiment with your outfit? Obviously you want to wear something comfortable, but as I’ve said before, comfortable can be stylish. A pair of worn in jeans, booties, a flowy tee and a cardigan is a simple option. Try accessorizing with a hat or scarf. Frequent flyer travel tip: ALWAYS bring a sweater, a neck pillow and a good book.

A Fresh Mani

An outfit is never complete without a good manicure. Your nail polish doesn’t need to match every single outfit you wear, but having a bangin’ mani definitely creates a more polished look. Choosing metallic hues like gold, pewter or bronze add a bit of glam to just about any outfit. Deep colors like purple, maroon and navy blue also work well during the winter months. If you’re into a subtler look, go for creamy neutral shades like ivory, beige and white. My personal favorites for the season are red, burgundy, and a light pink that’s almost nude.

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