Greensboro Fashion Week Influencer Experience


This was my second time attending Greensboro Fashion Week. My first time was two years ago as a guest (you can read about that here) and this year I attended as an influencer- which was such a neat experience! This was my first time attending an event as an influencer, so it was pretty exciting for me. I’ve been out of the fashion scene for a couple of years now and being able to spend the weekend surrounded by likeminded people was so refreshing.

Friday - Emerging Designer Competition

Because we were attending as influencers, we had two days packed full of things to do before the shows. We met up at the Greensboro Cultural Center (where the show was held) in the morning and then were chauffeured around in a Jaguar and Land Rover throughout the entire weekend. (Jaguar Greensboro + Land Rover Greensboro were two of the show’s sponsors.) Talk about first class… these cars were so nice, I wanted to take them all home with me!!

Our first stops of the day were at the Friendly Center- a huge shopping center with literally every store imaginable! First, we popped into Clean Juice to grab a smoothie to give us some energy for the day. I got The So Basic One and it was delish!


Next on the list was Madewell. They have the CUTEST fall styles right now- it took everything in me not to splurge! Did you know that if you bring in an old pair of jeans, you can get a $20 denim credit?! It’s such an awesome way to recycle old jeans AND you get a discount on top of that. So cool!


After Madewell, we headed over to Jade Aveda. I love me an Aveda salon and this one was so pretty! I love Aveda’s natural/cruelty-free products. I tested out the Hand Relief cream and sipped on some peppermint + camomile tea while we were hanging out.

Lululemon was our next stop and holy wow- I am in LOVE! I’ve actually never tried anything Lululemon before this trip and I put on one pair of leggings and my life is changed forever. They are the softest leggings I’ve ever worn. If you know me at all, you know that I don’t work out- like ever.. but I do love some athleisure wear! I love that they have a variety of different styles to choose from!

We took a break for lunch at Cheesecake Factory, where we got to try three different kinds of cheesecake- cherry, pumpkin and original. Can you say yum?! Cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts, so this was definitely a treat for me!

Our final stop for the afternoon was at Dolce & Amaro Artisan Bakery. They have a huge variety of Italian pastries and coffee. I got an iced coffee with a dash of vanilla for an afternoon pick-me-up!

We headed back to the Cultural Center after Dolce & Amaro to get ready for the show. We were given a private dressing room and early access to the runway to take pictures and see the set up. Cocktail hour started around 7, where guests got to hang out in the Simply Southern and Wrangler lounges (two more sponsors) and enjoy drinks/snacks until the show started. We mingled, took pictures, had some yummy food and drinks and I even got to catch up with an old friend! We got seated around 9 and anxiously waited for the show to start.


Friday’s show was the Emerging Designer Competition where six designers were competing to win $1500. It began with the collections of the winners from the previous night’s show - the College Designer Showcase and then led into the Emerging Designer Competition. I have SO much respect for designers. I watched my friend Kyler design his collection from start to finish and saw that the amount of work that goes into designing a collection is insane! Everyone’s work was great, but the one that really stood out to me was Elizabeth Thu Thuy Stewart. (You can read more about her here.) Her collection was the most cohesive and well-structured, in my opinion, and was so beautiful! We didn’t find out the winner of the show until Saturday night BUT I’ll tell you now.. Elizabeth won! It was definitely well-deserved!

After the show, we made our way over to the after party at the bar next door, Cafe Europa. The after party was sponsored by Havana Phil’s- a local cigar company that has an endless supply of cigars, as well as beautiful lounges to hang out in. I tried a cigar for the first time at the after party- I don’t think they’re for me, but it was definitely a cool experience!

Saturday - National Brands + Local Boutiques

Saturday wasn’t as hectic as Friday, but it was still packed full of things to do! I think one of the reasons it was less hectic than Friday was because there were only three influencers as opposed to the seven of us on Friday. There were a few people who didn’t show up on Saturday (so rude!), but it ended up working out for the better anyway.

Our first stop of the day was Kendra Scott. We met Lauren and her team- who are the absolute SWEETEST! They had snacks and drinks laid out for us and we got to try on some of their gorgeous pieces and take pictures in front of the most beautiful backdrop! We ended up going back there later in the afternoon, so I’ll circle back around with all of that info!


After Kendra Scott, we revisited all of the places we went on Friday- Madewell, Clean Juice (tried The Immunity One this time around), Jade Aveda (tested out their Nourish-Mint Color Balm and LOVED it!) and Lululemon. Then we went BACK to Kendra Scott to work on our Color Bar creations. Before this trip, I’d never been in an actual Kendra Scott store and had never even heard of the Color Bar. For those that don’t know, at the Kendra Scott Color Bar, you get to create your own jewelry pieces. They have everything- rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces- and every type of stone you can imagine! The biggest issue I had was deciding on what type of jewelry I wanted to create. I started with a ring, then worked my way to a couple different style of bracelets. I love dainty, classic jewelry and when Lauren pulled out the Dedra Bracelet, I immediately knew it was the one for me! Once I picked the piece I wanted, my stone decision came easy to me. I went with two amethyst stones for my sweet Aria (her birthstone). You can see the bracelet I made below! Kendra Scott has such BEAUTIFUL pieces and the experience we had at the Friendly Center location has made me a lifelong customer!

1AAC4625-F691-4685-BB75-8539BA59C7D2 2.JPG

Once we were done at the Friendly Center, we made our way over to Havana Phil’s for a tour. It’s such a beautiful place and the private members-only lounge is awesome! Next, we headed over to the office of Brilliant You Denim. Brilliant You Denim was founded by Terry- the spunkiest, sweetest woman I’ve ever met! Her jeans are designed in-house with denim made in the US. Her designs are unique in that they provide extra room in different areas of the jeans that are prone to needing some stretch. You can learn more about Brilliant You Denim here. Next on the schedule was Wrangler. We popped in for a few minutes to check out their latest styles and get the in-store experience. We ended our afternoon at Natty Greene’s downtown for a bite to eat before the show- so delicious! Definitely recommend if you’re in Greensboro!


We headed back to our dressing rooms and got ourselves ready for night two! We mingled in the Wrangler lounge for a bit and then got settled in for the show. Night two was the biggest night of the week- the National Brands + Local Boutiques Showcase. We saw collections from Wrangler, Cozy Callalily, Cotton & Rye Outfitters, Factory 406, Kriegsman Boutique, Elizabella’s Bridal Boutique, SIX21, Brilliant You Denim and Simply Southern. You can watch each collection on the GSOFW highlight tab on my Instagram.


I met so many great people over the weekend - @_styled_by_tasha_, @galimoretwins, @gabri_elle_, @noahwilliamsstyle, @thefaneite, @laurensoyyyars, @dopeitsdp, @therosariostyle, @injuanpiece - and had such a fun time overall! Not going to lie though, this mama was E X H A U S T E D by the time the weekend came to a close. I used to travel with my little sis all the time, so it was so fun being able to go on another trip together!

IMG_2697 2.JPG
IMG_2715 2.JPG

Thank you to Greensboro Fashion Week for all of the gifts and for the VIP treatment throughout the weekend! And thank you so much to the Friendly Center for sponsoring our afternoons! Can’t wait for next year!

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