Greensboro Fashion Week


Last weekend I got the chance to hang out at Greensboro Fashion Week. My friend Kyler was one of the Emerging Designers in the competition, so I tagged along to help him out! This was my first time ever experiencing any sort of fashion week and it definitely left me wanting more! Seeing all of the designs and getting dressed up for each event made for such a fun weekend! Here's a little recap of what went down and what I wore! 

Night One

We got to Greensboro on Thursday afternoon and started out the weekend with Wrangler Night. Wrangler was a huge sponsor for Greensboro's fashion week. Each designer competing was given 10 yards of raw denim and was given a random decade. The goal was to design a piece (solely made of denim) for their respective decade. All of the pieces were fabulous- I definitely couldn't do anything close to the designs I saw. The best part about the whole night was Kyler's piece. He made a funky 70's jumpsuit and ended up winning the competition!

Wrangler Night was definitely the most casual out of all of the nights. I wanted to be as rustic and "Wrangler" as I could. I knew I had to go with denim on denim and added my favorite suede jacket and this adorable hat as finishing touches.


Night Two

The second night was the night of the Emerging Designers Competition. Kyler worked his ass off to complete his collection and let me tell y'all- the pictures I have don't do it justice. His collection was inspired by Asian influences and get this- the whole line was completely up-cycled! He used scrap fabrics that he already had and gathered fabric donations to create the entire collection. His environmentally-friendly attitude and bomb ass pieces definitely stole the show. I watched him stay up for days and nights on end to finish everything and seeing his collection come to life on the runway gave me all the feels! I am so incredibly proud of all of his hard work! 

My outfit for Friday night was inspired by Kyler's collection. I knew I wanted to incorporate bits and pieces of his collection (the glasses, chunky heels and lace socks) into my outfit, but I also wanted to put my own twist on it. The outcome was better than I imagined. I think my badass metallic jacket pulled the whole thing together! I felt like a punk rock princess, ready to belt out Avril Lavigne at a moment's notice!

FUN FACT #1: Kyler made the red and tan dresses you see in the middle, as well as the top Ashlyn (far left) is wearing!


Night Three

The last night was the reveal. They announced the winner of the Emerging Designer competition after a show for all of the stores and boutiques in the area. Unfortunately he didn't take home the win that night, but we won't get into all of that. Side note: don't ever let drunk audience members vote for the winner of a fashion show because they'll pick someone who isn't even in the competition... Anyway, we ended the night drinking, dancing and laughing our little hearts out at the W on Elm. We were all so proud of Kyler, regardless of the outcome, and we wanted to make sure he ended the weekend with a bang!

I wanted to be comfortable for night three because I knew we would be going out afterward and I didn't want to get stuck in something I would regret wearing. I opted for these cool trousers and a tiered sleeve blouse, both from JCPenney. I added the vest to bring some color to the outfit and I thought the hat was the perfect touch.

FUN FACT #2: Kyler and I found this blazer-turned-vest at Goodwill right before the trip. I loved the leather detail and the colors- I knew I had to have it. Kyler transformed it from a grandma blazer to a chic vest in maybe 20 minutes! Seriously wish I had his sewing skills!


Overall, it was such a fun weekend! The stress of it all may have gotten to a few of us at some points, but we all made the best of it and ended up having a great time. Greensboro was a good starting point when it comes to fashion weeks for me. I'm definitely looking forward to my next fashion week adventure!

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