Out with Lilly, in with Day Designer

I've been spending the last few days searching and taking notes and contemplating which planner I want to get this year.

I'm currently using a jumbo Lilly planner and while it goes until December 2015, everyone knows you get a new planner in July/August. Which brings me to my first point- I want a planner that ends in June so I'm not wasting six months of planner. 

I got my first Lilly planner my freshman year in college. {Which is when I first heard of Lilly, surprisingly.} I've had one every year since and every year I find myself complaining about it. The binding doesn't last and the rings bend too easily. There isn't a to-do section- which is a necessity for me {I have so many to-do lists; it's ridiculous}. It's thick and bulky, no matter which size you buy. EVERYONE has one. There aren't enough "Notes" pages. The list goes on and on.

I need a planner that has structure on the inside and out. That fits easily in my purse and doesn't take up much room. I need a planner without rings, one that's bound like a book. I need a planner that gives me space to write down my goals and aspirations for the day, week, month, year. I need more from my planner because organization and planning are literally my life. 

Lately I've found myself using my phone for planning rather than my planner and it's driving me crazy. I'm on my phone way too often. One of my New Year Resolutions was to be more present and stay off of my phone. Having an inefficient planner makes the incredibly difficult.

On my hunt for the perfect planner I noticed how pricey they can get. I was willing to throw down the thirty-something dollars for a Lilly planner because, well, it's Lilly, but I don't think I can justify settling for a planner that one, doesn't have everything I want and two, is $50-60. 

When I was about to give up and just use my Lilly planner for the rest of the year, the Target fairies called my name. {Actually, my house was being invaded by dust bunnies so a new vacuum was calling my name, but that's beside the point.} As I'm walking out of Target, new vacuum and microwave in tow, a beautiful little end cap caught my eye. I usually have to forcibly look away from the stationary section whenever I go to Target, but I just couldn't help myself that day. It's like they were calling my name. CORRECTION: They were calling my name. 

I just learned that Day Designer for Blue Sky was released in Target stores July 12. So that's the reason why I hadn't seen these gorgeous planners sooner. Day Designer's collab with Blue Sky and Target allowed them to sell the simpler, more affordable versions of Day Designer for $5.99 - $19.99. MUCH better than the $59.99 they sell them for on their website. I personally like the slimmer Target versions. The content is basically the same, too, and the layout is beautiful. 

I really love the fact they they included the story behind Day Designer. It makes me feel like this was made personally for me. I know it wasn't, obviously, but being able to put a face to the name, so to speak, really makes me appreciate the brand and the planner more. 

I really love the first couple pages of this planner. There's big picture planning on the first page and then goal planning on the second that's broken down into personal goals, career goals, relationship goals, heart & spirit goals and financial goals- all with a section for deadlines when you want to accomplish those goals. 

I also really like that there's a daily planning page. It makes it easy to get a daily routine going and having something to look at that'll make me actually stick to my routine. AND it's broken down into morning and evening- PERFECT!

This page is really cool, too. I've never really written goals down, but I feel like this planner will help with that a lot!

The planner I chose has two sections for planning: monthly and weekly. I love love LOVE that there is a to-do section every day, too. I like being able to break up my schedule into what I need to do and deadlines/special dates/etc. Plus on the top of every weekly planning page, there is a section titled "This Week's Top Three." Use it for your top three to-do's, top three goals, top three ideas. Whatever you want! I love setting goals for myself and this little section is great for weekly goal setting!

Notes on notes on notes on notes! There is an overabundance of pages in the "Notes" section and I could not be happier about that! I've been using this planner for about a week now and I am head over heels. My new fave is definitely Day Designer!

{Only available in stores at Target. Available for purchase through  Blue Sky 's website.}

{Only available in stores at Target. Available for purchase through Blue Sky's website.}