Designer Blogs Free Blog Planner Download

I've been on the hunt for a free, printable blog planner for a while now. There are plenty out there, but none that I really loved- until I stumbled across Designer Blog's blog planner. All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter and you get the planner sent right to your email. And it is beautiful. I love love love black and gold- and this planner brings both of those colors together so well. 

The planner comes with everything from a contact list to daily blogging checklists. This planner is perfect for both the newb and pro blogger! It comes with everything a blogger could ever need. 

I've separated my blogging binder into five different sections: Post Planning, Weekly Planning, Monthly Planning & Stats, Lists and Notes. 

Post Planning
- Multiple Post Brainstorming Guides {I keep a bunch of empty pages in this section for any time I get a random post idea}

Weekly Planning
- Weekly To Do List {This is necessary for keeping yourself on schedule and making sure you get everything done.}
- Weekly Post Planner {I like using this because it lets me see on paper the posts I've created/have scheduled every week.}

Monthly Planning
- Yearly Blogging Goals {I've been really into goal setting lately, especially since getting my Day Designer, so this is really great. And I keep it in front of my monthly calendar so I look at it every time I go to plan my posts.}
- Monthly Calendar {This gives me a good visual of how many posts I've published that month.}
- Monthly Blogging Goals {Again, goal setting is a new hobby of mine. The monthly goals are broken down into three different sections: goals, improvements and traffic & income.}
- Monthly Stat Tracker {Great for seeing how your blog is growing month to month.}

- Usernames & Passwords {Obviously a necessity because who can remember all of those usernames and passwords?}
- Contacts {Also necessary because it allows me to separate my blogging contacts from my everyday contacts.}
- Affiliate Programs {It's important to keep track of what companies you're an affiliate for- especially to reach out and send friendly thank you notes to them!}

- TONS of Notes pages {I need places to throw down ideas and these note pages are completely blank, but have a really pretty header, which makes for note jotting a little nicer.}

The best way to keep track of your goals and how much your blog is growing is to keep your blogging planner handy. I bring it with me wherever I go- school, work, the doctor's office. You never know when you're going to have a fantastic idea and I like keeping all of my thoughts in one spot. 

What do you look for in a blog planner? Have you found one you love yet?