Bieber Fever

I love me some Justin Bieber. My sisters, momma and I danced the night away at the Bieber concert last week and had such a fun time!

I knew I would be dancing and the arena would most likely be hot, so I wanted to keep my outfit simple enough to feel comfortable in and light enough to stay cool. 

I went with a simple cami and cutoff shorts (I've linked my exact outfit details below) and opted for minimal jewelry. My crossbody bag was the perfect accessory and my heels made the outfit a little less casual. 

The concert kicked off a two-week vacation for me. The day after the concert, we packed up the car and headed up to Pennsylvania for my step-sister's wedding. I'm seriously so thankful for these two weeks off. I definitely needed some time off of work to just relax and focus on my school work. 

Hope y'all are having a great Sunday!