College Essentials x Bed Bath & Beyond

This post is sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond.

Moving away for college can be stressful. I moved out of my parent's house around four years ago (holy cow!) and it's been such an exciting time in my life. I moved from dorm to dorm my freshman year, apartment to apartment during my sophomore year and B and I moved into a house together during my junior year. I think my absolute favorite part about living on my own has been decorating each place. 

Although decorating is a blast, I've come to realize that organization and functionality are key. 

Bed Bath & Beyond's 'Shop for College' section not only has an amazing assortment of decor, but awesome organization solutions, too! 



I'm a big fan of wearing (and making) baseball hats. Before I ordered this over-the-door rack I had my hats hanging from a hanger on the back of my door. It looked just as ridiculous as it sounds, trust me.

The over-the-door rack comes with two straps that can stretch over just about any door. It's perfect for saving space and displaying your hat collection at the same time!


A girl can never have too much makeup, which means a girl never have too many makeup organizers.

I am obsessed with clear makeup organizers like this one. It can hold lipstick, mascara, foundation, brushes- you name it! And it has three drawers on the bottom that are perfect for storing compact makeup like highlighter and blush. 


This is probably my favorite item that I purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond's 'Shop for College' section. I had a clothes steamer that I used while I was in the dorms, but it was so big and bulky and just a pain in the butt to use. 

This handheld steamer is compact and so simple to use! It's also super cute and comes in an adorable assortment of colors! 

I love that it can be easily used (and stored) in a dorm/apartment and small enough to pack in a suitcase. I will definitely be taking it with me on my trip to New York in September (more on that later!)

What are your college essentials? Is there anything you just can't live without? Let me know in the comments below!