Aria's Birth Story: Part Two

The scene right before my c-section was chaos. My mom came back to the room just as they were prepping me for surgery, meanwhile Chad was scrambling to call everyone and let them know what was going on. My sister was driving like a maniac to get to the hospital and made it with literally seconds to spare. She had just enough time to say hi before it was time to go.

I wish I’d written this sooner because as the months go by, the intensity of it all seems to fade away. The one thing that stuck out the most though was getting wheeled into the operating room and seeing nothing but white. The closest I’d ever come to being in an operating room was when I was watching and episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I remember feeling anxious because I didn’t know where Chad was, but after a few moments went by he was right by my side. The whole process took about 45 minutes (maybe less).

I was very calm throughout the whole procedure- I’m pretty sure I was laughing it up with Chad the anesthesiologist the whole time. After a few minutes of tugging and cutting and whatever the heck else they were doing down there, I heard my baby cry. I remember looking up at Chad and saying “we have a baby” through tears. If I could bottle that moment up, I would. My baby girl was finally here- I honestly couldn’t believe it. They cleaned her up and after Chad got to hold her, the nurse held her up to my face for what felt like hours. I think I just kept saying “hi” and “I love you” over and over, tears still streaming down my face. She was perfect and beautiful and all mine.

aria michelle • february 20, 2019 • 12:03PM • 6lbs 3oz • 19” • perfect.

They took her to the nursery while my doctor was finishing things up. That was the worst part, honestly. I was just so anxious to meet her. It seemed like it was taking an eternity. Right before they were done, I noticed one of my eyes was starting to get heavy. I thought it was just the anesthesia making me sleepy, but turns out the anesthesia had somehow made its way to a blood vessel in my eye and was causing it to swell up. Y’all- I was F R E A K I N G out. After they’d taken me to Postpartum, I immediately got my nurse to send the anesthesiologist in because I thought something was seriously wrong. Chad even said he was concerned (after my eye went back to normal, of course) that something had happened lol! The swelling went away as the anesthesia wore off, but you can tell in the pics that there was definitely something going on!


Our Jaundice Baby

From what our nurses told us, breastfed babies are more likely to become jaundice. I had no idea what that meant. The second night we were there, they took her back to the nursery to take her vitals and everything and I guess when they checked her bilirubin levels, they were too high. Fast-forward to 5:00 that morning and the nurse comes in and starts putting a glowing blanket and a mask on my baby and I started to panic. Chad was sleeping and I was so concerned that something was wrong (even though the nurse assured me everything was fine). I ended up holding my little glow worm until they said that she could take the blanket off. I don’t know if it was because of my crazy mama emotions or what, but seeing her in that little mask just tore me to bits. (Even though I knew she was fine!!!) Long story short, they sent us home with formula to supplement to get her levels back down and by the time we went to her first doctor’s visit-
she was fine!

When things finally settled down, it was like I was in the twilight zone. It all felt so surreal. I just had a freaking baby!! Aside from that, I just had a freaking baby cut out of me!! I was beside myself and feeling about 10,000 emotions. I think I cried happy tears for the first 24 hours.

We were only in the hospital for two nights. The day we left felt like it dragged on forever, but when we finally got the all-clear we were ecstatic (and very, very tired)! It was the weirdest feeling walking into the house knowing we had a new permanent house-guest, but I was so glad to finally be back in our own space. All I wanted to do at that point was lay down and snuggle with my new baby girl. And that’s exactly what I did.

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